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Reap Your Full Cost Reductions from Virtualization

Many enterprises are implementing virtualized desktop and server infrastructures only to find that storage becomes the bottleneck to application performance in the new infrastructure. Once you hit that storage bottleneck, adding more servers is a waste of money. Throwing more SAN capacity at the application or virtual infrastructure doesn’t solve the problem either. In fact, adding storage capacity slows application performance even more.


X-IO designed Intelligent Storage with Xtreme Virtualization Productivity in mind - through screaming storage price/performance. Then we went beyond that – to deliver best-in-class reliability and dramatically reduced cost of storage operations. 


42X Productivity Gains


X-IO Intelligent Storage has been proven by major vendors and customers to fuel unmatched price/performance AND productivity. Intelligent Storage has been proven to:

  • Improve virtual desktop login performance at peak times of the day.  Calallen ISD only wanted to allow the students to get experience with the computer system before testing started but 42 minute logins prevented that.  X-IO Intelligent Storage turned those login storms into ONE minute.
  • Eliminate virtual infrastructure crashes caused by boot storms and more.  Prior to Intelligent Storage, Sycamore Schools' Virtual infrastructures stalled every 45 minutes throughout the day.  Today – they’re adding Microsoft applications on that very same infrastructure and still performing!


“We were driving the servers to the max but we were barely putting a dent in the Hyper ISE.  It seems the more we threw at it, the faster it got.  X-IO has become one of my top tier solutions.”

David Hayes - Senior Director, Microsoft Partner Solutions Center



Just Plug 'n Perform! 


Each Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) is a complete storage building block. Each ISE brick features clustered on-board controllers that manage a performance pool comprised of HDD and SSD capacity.  Storage control is scaled with capacity to fuel price/performance. Add an ISE brick - get more capacity and performance. And another - double your capacity and maintain full storage performance. It's that simple.  

Intelligent software optimizes application performance. Continuous Adaptive Data Placement (CADP) software monitors application data in realtime - seeking hotspots that preface performance problems. When a potential hotspot is identified - the associated data is transparently migrated to performance SSDs, without any application disruption. There's no need for complex storage-to-application tuning. CADP does it for you. Automatically, across all your application loads.


ISE is reliable and cost effective to operate. ISE blocks are continuously monitored for any impending hardware issues. Potential problem drives are rebuilt in situ (both HDD and SSD) ahead of any failure, without application degradation. Each ISE block consumes less footprint, power and cooling than traditional storage - even as ISE delivers industry leading price/performance and capacity density for your data intensive applications. 




Processing more data, faster and at a lower cost than any other solution.

Xcelerating applications by factors of 10 or more.

Driving Xtreme productivity in virtualized environments 

Spending less on storage, as you fuel never before experienced application performance.



Are you ready for Xtreme Productivity in your Enterprise?




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About X-IO

X-IO is a recognized innovator in the storage industry. Its award-winning Intelligent Storage systems leverage over two decades of expertise to deliver unmatched price/performance for enterprise applications. The company1s plug-and-perform Intelligent Storage solutions are customer proven to Xcelerate transactional, reporting and business intelligence applications by a factor of 3X or more. X-IO Intelligent Storage drives Xtreme performance for virtual desktop and server infrastructures, while dramatically reducing storage costs and footprint. X-IO solutions have been recognized as SQL Server Pro and Windows IT Pro1s 2011 Editors1 Best Gold Medal winners, the 2011 Best of TechEd 3Breakthrough Product2 and 3Attendees1 Pick2 Awards, and inclusion in CRN1s 2012 Data Center 100 List. They are used by over 1,000 enterprise customers.